PAR Return On Investment

[com] PAR ROI

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  • Lehman Investment Opportunity Note - LION — A type of zero coupon Treasury bond issued by the U.S. government through Lehman Brothers. Lehman Investment Opportunity Notes (LIONs), were created as a new breed of security that separated principal and interest and were issued at a discount.… …   Investment dictionary

  • Financial Management Rate Of Return - FMRR — A metric used to evaluate the performance of a real estate investment and pertains to a real estate investment trust (REIT). REITs are shares offered to the public by a real estate company or trust that holds a portfolio of income producing… …   Investment dictionary

  • Roll-Down Return — A form of return that arises when the value of a bond converges to par as maturity is approached. The size of the roll down return varies greatly between long and short dated bonds. Roll down is smaller for long dated bonds that are trading away… …   Investment dictionary

  • At Par — A term that refers to a bond, preferred stock or other debt obligation that is trading at its face value. The term at par is most commonly used with bonds. A bond that trades at par will have a yield equal to its coupon, and investors will expect …   Investment dictionary

  • The Only Investment Guide You'll Ever Need — is a book written by Andrew Tobias and concerns commonsense rules that the ordinary saver can live by. Coming out in 1978 and revised every few years since then, it beat today s other popular investment books like the Beardstown Ladies Investment …   Wikipedia

  • Citadel Investment Group — Infobox Company company name = Citadel Investment Group, L.L.C. company company type = Private, Limited Liability Company company slogan = owner = foundation = 1990 location = flagicon|USA Chicago, Illinois, USA key people = Kenneth C. Griffin,… …   Wikipedia

  • Discount Yield — is a measure of a bond s percentage return. Discount yield is most frequently used to calculate the yield on short term bonds and treasury bills sold at a discount. This yield calculation uses a 30 day month and 360 day year to simplify… …   Investment dictionary

  • Discount Margin - DM — The return earned in addition to the index underlying the floating rate security. The size of the discount margin depends on the price of the floating rate security. There are three basic situations: 1. If the price of a floater is equal to par,… …   Investment dictionary

  • Bond Valuation — A technique for determining the fair value of a particular bond. Bond valuation includes calculating the present value of the bond s future interest payments, also known as its cash flow, and the bond s value upon maturity, also known as its face …   Investment dictionary

  • Yield-To-Average Life — The yield calculation of a bond that is systematically retired throughout its life. This yield replaces the stated final maturity with the average life maturity. The yield to average life calculation is often used in the case of a sinking fund… …   Investment dictionary

  • Bank Discount Rate — The interest rate for short term money market instruments like commercial paper and Treasury bills. The bank discount rate is based on the instrument s par value and the amount of the discount. The bank discount rate is the required rate of… …   Investment dictionary

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